Freshman Orientation & Sample Schedule

Orientation Week

The first week of the freshman year—the week prior to the beginning of fall classes—has been designed to prepare students for the months ahead. Activities during the week are designed to orient students to the environment, the people, and the educational philosophy of Gutenberg College. Students will become acquainted with the faculty, their fellow students, and the Gutenberg College facilities. In addition, faculty will present important foundational material. Students will discuss the nature of art, literature, philosophy, history, and science; and they will receive some preliminary instruction in reading and writing. Attending freshman orientation is required.

Sample Schedule

Time spent in class each week varies during the four years at Gutenberg. On average, students spend 19 hours in class during their first and second years and 14 hours in class their third and fourth years. Following is a sample schedule for a first-year student in the fall quarter:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
8:30-9:25 Ancient Mathematics: Geometry
9:30-10:25 Microexegesis: Aristotle

Monday and Friday
10:30-12:00 Classical Greek 1
1:30-3:30 Western Civilization Great Books Discussion

9:00-10:25 Western Civilization Lecture
10:30-11:25 Writing Tutorial

12:30-2:30 Western Civilization Great Books Discussion
2:30 Open Discussion

2:00-4:00 Art Practicum: Defining Art and its Meanings