Transferring Credits to Other Schools

Gutenberg College students do not make progress toward a degree by merely amassing credits; they make progress toward a degree by successfully completing all the required courses in the core curriculum. The work load of the Gutenberg courses has been expressed in credits for a number of reasons, one of which is to aid students who wish to transfer credits to another college. (See Course Requirements for the number of credits assigned to each Gutenberg College course.)

While several of Gutenberg’s courses will have clearly equivalent courses at other colleges, other Gutenberg courses do not “translate” so well. The following chart lists approximate equivalents for three of Gutenberg’s unique courses:

Gutenberg Course Course Equivalent Percentage

Year One & Year Two
Western Civilization (WCIV 101-203) History 25%
Art History 15%
Philosophy 35%
Literature 20%
Political Science 5%
Microexegesis (MXG 101-203) Philosophy 50%
Theology 35%
Poetry 15%

Year Three
Great Conversation (GCON 301-303) History 20%
Literature 20%
Philosophy 20%
Theology 40%
Microexegesis (MXG 301-303) Philosophy 100%

Year Four
Great Conversation (GCON 401-403) Literature 33%
Social Science 33%
Philosophy 33%
Microexegesis (MXG 401-403) Theology 100%


Transfer of credit from one college to another is always at the discretion of the receiving school and generally depends on comparability of curricula and may depend on comparability of accreditation. Gutenberg College will do what it can to help students transfer credits for their Gutenberg College work when entering another college. Upon request, Gutenberg College will prepare and forward a transcript of the student’s record.