Campus Visit

Campus Visit

Gutenberg loves visitors and provides meals for potential students who visit. To arrange for a visit, call the office (541.683.5141) or contact Gutenberg’s recruiter and Admissions director, Eliot Grasso.

A personal visit is the best way for anyone to understand what Gutenberg College offers. The educational experience Gutenberg College gives its students is complex, and therefore a precise portrayal is elusive. Descriptions of Gutenberg’s curriculum, its philosophy of education, its style of instruction, and its faculty’s qualifications are easily enough presented, but the education Gutenberg College offers is more than the sum of these things. The profound impact Gutenberg has on the lives of its students is difficult to put into words; even Gutenberg’s students struggle to articulate the components of this force. Clearly, God has established at Gutenberg a unique ethos that is very conducive to spiritual growth and development. This ethos is the natural outgrowth of the faculty’s commitment to truth. The significance of such a commitment creates a dynamic that one can fully appreciate only by experiencing it personally.

Gutenberg College therefore encourages prospective students and their parents to visit the campus. We would be delighted for you to observe our classes and speak with faculty and students.

For travel information and local resources for out-of-town visitors, see Campus Visit in the Gutenberg FYI section of our website.

Staying at Gutenberg

Prospective students wishing to spend a night or two on campus should contact Gutenberg’s recruiter and Admissions director, Eliot Grasso. Opportunities may be possible if space allows. This can give interested students a better sense of the community life at Gutenberg College.