Previous College Experience

Because of its integrated core curriculum, Gutenberg College admits all students as freshmen.

Gutenberg’s curriculum is unique in that regardless of the educational background a student brings to the school, he can always build upon it and reexamine it within a broader context. For this reason, Gutenberg rarely waives any courses on the basis that a student has already taken a similar course.

A student, however, who has previous education or training that he believes duplicates some of the curriculum at Gutenberg College may, before admission, petition the college to evaluate his previous education or training and grant appropriate credit or waiver for that previous education or training. The dean is responsible for evaluating transfer of credit. He will consider the student’s petition and determine what, if any, requirements will be waived or appropriate credit granted. The college will notify the student promptly of that determination.

The files of all students who are veterans or who are eligible for veterans’ benefits will contain a written record of what reduction in class time is proportionate to the credit granted, how this reduction will affect the student’s schedule, and the fact that Gutenberg notified the student concerning these determinations.

No tuition adjustments will be made for waived requirements.