Student Records & Right to Privacy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. Gutenberg’s policies on student records and privacy, as described below, are in accordance with FERPA. For more information about FERPA, see the U. S. Department of Education website.

Record Maintenance

Gutenberg College will maintain student records permanently. Gutenberg College will maintain complete records of all formal complaints, including resolution, for five years.

Access to Student Records

Enrolled students, present and past, have a right to examine at any reasonable time records originated by the college regarding the student’s education and related activity. Students may not take the records out of the office.

These records will not be made available to any other person(s) without the student’s consent, except for the following: college personnel in the discharge of their duties, representatives of a court, professionals in confronting an emergency or medical situation.

Errors and Changes in Student Records

If a student finds an error in his record, then he should notify the college, and the college will correct it. If the college fails to correct the alleged error, or if the student wants to rebut any information in his record, then the student may write a rebuttal (not to exceed 500 words) and request that the rebuttal be added to his file. Any rebuttals or requests for record changes regarding a particular class should be made in writing within one year from the date the class ends.

Financial Aid Records

Financial aid records may be released without student consent to parents who legally claim students as dependents for income tax purposes (under section 152 of Internal Revenue Code 1986) after the Financial Aid Office has received a copy of the first page of the parental federal income tax return and a letter specifying the request. Students who wish to release information in their financial aid records to any other individuals or agencies may do so by submitting a completed “Authorization for Information Release” form to the Financial Aid Office.

Directory Information

In compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, Gutenberg College retains the right to publish at its discretion the following information about each student presently or previously attending the college: the student’s name, address, telephone number, date and place of birth, field of study, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received, and the most previous educational agency or institution attended by the student. The college provides this public notice of its intention to publish such directory information in compliance with the Act. Students have a right to inform the college within a reasonable period of time that any or all of this directory information should be withheld. Gutenberg College will respect any such request.