Withdrawal from the College

Any full-time student who withdraws from the college is asked either to write a statement listing reasons for withdrawing or to submit to an interview with the president or dean to state his reasons for withdrawing.

Financial Obligations

Students who withdraw from the program before the fifth week of the quarter must submit a written request for a refund to the vice president of finance. Withdrawing during a quarter does not release students from any alternative tuition payments agreed upon between the school and the students.

Students who withdraw from classes before the end of the fifth week of the quarter will have any Gutenberg College loan amounts advanced for the quarter reduced on the same schedule as tuition is refunded. (See Refund Policy.) This reduction will not be considered as payment toward outstanding loans.

If a student who withdraws is entitled to a refund, then the Gutenberg College bookkeeper will first apply that refund to any outstanding Gutenberg College loans and will then notify the student of when his next payment is due.

Effect on Transcript

The last day to withdraw from classes is three weeks before the last day of the quarter. (See the Academic Calendar.) Students who want to withdraw from (drop) a class must petition for the change by completing a Class Change Request form and submitting it to the college office. If a student withdraws from a course before the “last day to withdraw from classes” on the Academic Calendar, his transcript will show a ‘W’. If a student withdraws less than three weeks before the last day of the quarter, a grade for the course will be given based on the work done and not done unless the student requests an incomplete grade by completing an Incomplete Grade Request Form.

See Transcripts for information on requesting a transcript from Gutenberg College.