Summit Ministries Grant

The Summit Ministries Grant is designed to support students interested in continued education in a Christian Great Books curriculum at the college level. The grant is available to students who have completed a Summit Student Conference or the Summit Semester. Students interested in applying for a Summit Ministries Grant must submit a complete application for admission to Gutenberg College before February 15. Students must enroll full-time at Gutenberg College within one year of completing the Summit Conference to be eligible for a four-year renewable* $500 grant or within one year of completing the Summit Semester to be eligible for a four-year renewable* $1,000 grant. These grants may be combined.

To be considered for a Summit Ministries Grant, submit with your grant application:

  • A letter of recommendation from a Summit instructor or administrator attesting to your involvement and investment in the Summit program.
  • A 500-word essay explaining how your participation in the Summit Ministries program has affected your worldview and your understanding of Christianity.
  • For Summit Semester Graduates only: a record/evaluation of student performance during the Summit Program supplied by the Summit Graduate to Gutenberg College.

The Summit Ministries Grant is in addition to other financial aid Gutenberg might provide. To apply for the grant, use Gutenberg’s Financial Aid Application. See the Financial Aid page for more information on financial aid from Gutenberg College.


*Renewal terms for Summit Ministries Grant:
This grant will be automatically renewed for up to three years if the recipient remains a full-time student and maintains a 3.0 grade-point average or higher. Recipients whose grades drop below the 3.0 average or who are under discipline for poor academic performance or violations of the Student Code of Conduct are not eligible for automatic renewal of the grant.