Student Life & Housing

Gutenberg College is housed in a beautiful 17,000-square-foot brick building built in 1939 as a sorority. The building also houses the Puccinelli Art Gallery and sixteen to twenty residents, who reside in separate halls for men and women. Classrooms, offices, a library, a community living room, a kitchen, and an on-site laundry facility are also located in the building. Outside, a lovely landscaped yard surrounds the building, and a raised-bed garden plot is available for residents’ use. Gutenberg sometimes leases houses near the college building to provide additional housing for Gutenberg’s Residence Program.

Gutenberg College maintains the intimacy of a small community environment while accessing a variety of resources within short distances. Opportunities abound for educational experiences, cultural entertainment, sporting events, recreational activities, outdoor excursions, and even good cups of coffee.

House ManagersStefan and Carina Crabtree are Gutenberg’s Residence Program house managers. They bring a lot of knowledge and experience to their roles. Both graduated from Gutenberg (Stefan in 2008 and Carina in 2010), and they both lived at Gutenberg when they attended the college. After earning his master’s degree in German at Middlebury College in Vermont, Stefan returned to Gutenberg as its German tutor for three years. Stefan and Carina were married in 2011. They have two daughters, Opal (5) and Eva (1 1/2).

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