Housing/Residence Program

Instructions on how to apply for residence at Gutenberg College are below. Before applying, however, please read all the information below.

Gutenberg College student in dormGutenberg College is unique and so is its student housing. The Gutenberg College Residence Program offers housing and food services to Gutenberg College students and also welcomes, as space allows, other young adults who either attend other colleges in Eugene or work in the community and who are interested in participating in Gutenberg community activities. A Gutenberg student who chooses to live on campus becomes part of a community—living, studying, and sharing meals with fellow students.

Gutenberg students are not required to live in student housing, and acceptance as a resident is separate from acceptance as a student at Gutenberg College.

Meals Program

As part of the Residence Program, evening meals are provided each weeknight (Monday through Friday) during the fall, winter, and spring quarters on the days Gutenberg College is in session. (Meals are also provided during Freshmen Orientation, on snow days, and on oral-evaluation days, the first day of winter and spring terms.) The Meals Program provides the opportunity for residents and students to eat a nutritious dinner, to converse, and to build relationships. It plays a vital part in community life. Meals are served family style, and participants are encouraged to enjoy lively conversation and community time. As part of the Meals Program, residents are assigned refrigerator and pantry space to store food, and they are allowed to use the kitchen to prepare their breakfasts, lunches, weekend dinners, and snacks.

Resident Requirements

Although the routine of the house is largely unstructured, residents are required to participate in a variety of activities related to community living. These activities include the following:

  • Meals Program;
  • Annual residents retreat (in September);
  • Quarterly house meetings;
  • Regular house chores (approximately two hours per week of work inside or outside the residence);
  • Weekly kitchen duties;
  • Quarterly “work days” (approximately four hours).

All residents must sign a Residency Agreement in which they agree to abide by the policies in the Resident Handbook, including the Gutenberg College Code of Student Conduct and these three moral issue rules:

  1. No illegal or irresponsible drinking or drug use is permitted.
  2. No sexual activity between unmarried people is permitted.
  3. Residents agree to pursue kindness in their dealings with one another, especially in the midst of life’s difficult struggles.

Residents are free to pursue their lives and relationships in the house in an atmosphere of mutual support and encouragement. Because the staff and faculty of Gutenberg College are committed to creating an environment conducive to students learning to make adult decisions on their own, what the Residence Program requires—and does not require—of students has been carefully considered. The absence of some rules to regulate individual choices should not be interpreted as disregard or lack of concern for the importance of such decisions; on the contrary, individual choices, such as smoking, legal drinking, or watching films, are vitally important. Because these decisions are so important, the Residence Program seeks to provide an environment where residents can decide for themselves on these issues and, in the process, learn about decision-making in an atmosphere supportive of their faith. The Gutenberg College staff and faculty are always ready, however, to provide their input and experience to help students make wise decisions.

Cost of Residence Program

The cost for residency ranges from $3812 to $4838 for the academic year (depending on the room the resident occupies and if a special diet is requested) and is due when the resident moves in. A payment plan is available upon request. The Residence Program fee includes the following:

  • A room;
  • Meals program;
  • Activity program (annual retreat, holiday parties, etc.);
  • Basic utilities;
  • Household supplies (light bulbs, toilet paper, etc.);
  • Shared use of the common resident areas.

Reserving a Room. Incoming residents reserve their room by paying 10% of the Residence Program fee. This payment is nonrefundable, but it is applied to the fees due when the resident moves in. Returning residents may reserve a room for the following year by keeping their damage-and-cleaning deposit on account (see below) and signing the Residency Agreement for the following year in advance.

Deposits. A $100 refundable damage-and-cleaning deposit and a $30 refundable key deposit are also due when the resident moves in. (Residents responsible for damaging college property must pay any costs in excess of the damage-and-cleaning deposit for cleaning, repairing, or replacing that property.)

How to Apply to the Residence Program

March 1 is the deadline to apply for fall housing. Housing is limited and fills up quickly. Qualified applicants are admitted in the order in which they apply, and applicants for whom no room is available are placed on a waiting list. (Gutenberg students are urged to apply early.) Although students are urged to apply by March 1, the Residence Program accepts applications throughout the year, and rooms occasionally become available. These vacancies are offered first to people on the housing waiting list and then made available to new applicants.

Application Process

(1) Applicants are required to read the Resident Handbook before applying to the Residence Program.

Resident Handbook

(2) After reading the Resident Handbook, applicants may complete the Application for Residence online. Applicants will be asked to provide the names of two personal references, people who know the applicant well and can address the question of how the applicant might contribute to, benefit from, and be challenged by the Residence Program.


Applicants may also complete the application off-line by requesting a copy from the Gutenberg office or downloading a PDF and mailing the completed application to Gutenberg.

Application for Residence PDF

If mailing the application, please send it to the following address:

Gutenberg College
Attn: Residence Program Manager
1883 University Street
Eugene, OR 97403

(3) A $20 application fee is required when applying for residence. (The application fee is waived for students also applying to Gutenberg’s undergraduate program.) When completing the Application for Residence online, applicants will be asked to pay the fee online. Applicants applying by mail or in person should include a check or money order payable to Gutenberg College with the application.

(4) After the application and fee have been received, Residence Program staff will schedule an interview. The purpose of this interview is to allow both the applicant and the Gutenberg staff to determine whether the applicant’s residence at Gutenberg would be mutually beneficial. Because of the cooperative nature of the living situation, residents must be responsible, tolerant, and considerate in order to participate in the Gutenberg College Residence Program.