Library Services

Gutenberg College Library is a small reference library. Its main purpose is to provide Gutenberg students with background and supplemental texts to enrich their understanding of their assigned Great Books readings. Students also have access to the library collections of the Eugene Public Library, the Springfield Public Library, and the University of Oregon’s six libraries, which house more than 2.8 million books.

Gutenberg College requires every student to have a UO Oregon Card, which allows the student to check out books from UO libraries. As an incentive to get this card, students receive a $30 credit toward their winter books-and-fees charge if they can show proof of having set up their UO library account during fall quarter. The UO library card must be renewed each year, and Gutenberg students are eligible to receive the $30 credit each year.

(See the Student Handbook for a complete description of Library services and instructions for obtaining library cards.)