Student Services

Community Life Services functions under the institutional goals of Gutenberg College to do the following: (1) provide services to Gutenberg College students; (2) provide housing for Gutenberg College students; (3) provide housing for other young adults interested in the goals and purposes of the college and its institutes; (4) provide an atmosphere that supports learning; and (5) foster a culture within the Gutenberg College community that values truth and encourages people to pursue it.

Community Life Services seeks to support the relational aspect of the Gutenberg experience; it seeks to facilitate the application of the curriculum’s content in the form of social, recreational, and fellowship opportunities. (See Student Events and Activities.)

Counseling Services

Gutenberg College does not have a counseling office. Tutors are available for consultation with respect to academic and career issues. Tutors and Community Life Services staff are also available to help students with personal issues, and tutors and staff can provide lists of local resources to students who need help or services Gutenberg College cannot provide. The Student Handbook describes Gutenberg’s counseling policies.

Gutenberg students who have experienced any form of sexual assault can obtain free legal services from Student Survivor Legal Services at the UO School of Law. Go to

Health Services

Gutenberg College does not provide health facilities, medical services, or psychological counseling to its students as a part of its program. Students in need of medical services may contact whomever they choose to provide those services. When requested, Community Life Services staff will provide a list of medical services, physicians, and mental health counselors available in the local area and assist students in locating their desired medical service.

Gutenberg College faculty and staff members are encouraged to suggest two or more names of physicians or counselors to any students who express a need for these services.

Referral lists are made available to entering freshmen during Freshman Orientation, and they are available at any time in the college office. Inclusion on the referral lists does not indicate Gutenberg College endorses these services. Students are responsible for their own medical and psychological care.

Health Insurance

Gutenberg College does not offer health insurance to students. Most students, however, are covered by their parents’ health insurance as long as they attend school full time. Students should check with their parents’ agent for complete details. Gutenberg’s curriculum is full time; if a student needs documentation for insurance, he should request it at the Gutenberg office. (See Certifying Enrollment in the Business Affairs section.)