How We Differ

Gutenberg College is:

  • small (high tutor to student ratio);
  • discussion-based rather than lecture-based (tutors mentor rather than tell students what to think);
  • spiritually exhilarating;
  • intellectually satisfying;
  • personally challenging;
  • morally compelling.


Gutenberg College grants freedom to:

  • pursue truth wherever it leads (without fear of retribution);
  • agree or disagree;
  • ask any and all questions (without stigma).


Gutenberg College:

  • treats students like adults;
  • encourages humility;
  • helps students learn that intellectual gamesmanship and sophistry is destructive, arrogant, and a waste of everyone’s time;
  • prepares students to engage our culture;
  • provides the tools for life-long learning.


Why Gutenberg?