What Others Say




Marilyn Hickey, mother of Gutenberg College student:

My son Chris has been immeasurably blessed by the quality program and the character of the tutors at Gutenberg. Thank you for your commitment to building faith-filled, mature thinkers! Traditional programs, while they do offer academic development for the dedicated learner, cannot compare with the importance Gutenberg puts on the personal development of each student. Please be encouraged that the work you are committed to is changing lives for eternity.


Patti Hobbs, mother of Gutenberg College student:

I couldn’t be more pleased with the education my son has gotten at Gutenberg. It is academically excellent and demanding: qualities that aren’t found at many colleges any more. Gutenberg is much more than just academics. Our son has grown in ways that I would not have imagined in the time that he has been there. He has developed deep and lasting friendships among a group of caring people. The environment of learning in the discussions encourages listening skills and learning respect for others’ opinions. The tutors at Gutenberg College are role models not only in intellect and knowledge, but also in character which reflects humility and great love for the students. There is something very special and unique about Gutenberg. Whereas most colleges desire to attract the brightest students, Gutenberg desires to attract students whose goals are to gain greater understanding and to develop wisdom for living lives in Truth. Because they are true to this ideal in practice, they see students as more than just their minds; they see them as individuals with all of an individual’s unique qualities. They recognize that intelligence is not a primary factor for success and that success is not measured by the world’s standards; they recognize that a willingness to learn and to work hard is often more influential in a student’s success. Because Gutenberg has different goals than most colleges, they attract students of varied backgrounds and a richer environment is created. It is a privilege to me for my son to be attending a college where the faculty live out their Christian lives in such a way to influence and inspire students.


Randy and Bev Kirk, homeschooling parents of three Gutenberg College students:

As homeschooling parents, we were committed to giving our children a “Christian education.” As time went by we began to give that term a more precise definition. What we really were wanting to do for our children was to teach them how to think in the context of a biblical worldview and how to be able to communicate that view.

Therefore, as they finished their schooling at home, we were in search of a school of higher learning that would continue that commitment. After being involved with Gutenberg College for the last seven years we firmly believe they seek to provide an environment where the student is encouraged and challenged to indeed think and then, both orally and in written form, to share what they themselves have thought through. As our children have entered their adult years we see the fruit of a “Christian education” and how God has blessed them and used them in a powerful way.


Peter and Kase Wierenga, homeschooling parents of four Gutenberg College students:

We began to homeschool our four children way back in the mid-1980s. Some of our friends homeschooled out of a desire to “protect” their children, but our primary motivation was because we placed such a high value on education and wanted to enjoy seeing our children develop both a love of learning and their individual interests. On top of that we wanted them to learn to become careful and disciplined in their thinking, being honest and sincere seekers of Truth.

Gutenberg College provides the perfect completion of that academic regimen. Nowhere else did we find such willingness to pursue Truth and such a clear interest in the growth and maturity of each individual student. And we have found that the quality of the academics matches or exceeds anything my wife and I found in our undergraduate and graduate studies. I have had contact, but we are delighted with the way a clear biblical worldview provides support for every area of study. One cannot be a part of the Gutenberg community without grappling with this intellectual and very personal confrontation with Truth.



Matt Turnbull, tutor at Alexandria Tutorials:

I wish I was a freshman again and got the immense privilege of even being considered for admission into Gutenberg. A place like that, that measures God’s Word with the weight and magnitude that God has bestowed on His Word, AND that seeks to read all the primary documents that form the nucleus of ideas that have generated and perpetuated 4000 years of Western Culture under the light of Scripture is the exact kind of education I want for myself, my children, my wife, my grandchildren, my neighbor’s children…


Larry Bailey, former board member of the National Christian Forensics and Communications Association

I said (to a prospective student) there is no college quite like it (Gutenberg College) where they care as much as you all do; and if a student is willing to humble himself, ask for help, follow-up, take constructive criticism without an ‘attitude’, and work hard, he has a chance for success. I gave him the Mortimer Adler spiel that even a ‘C’ in some ‘Great Books’ seminar/classes will mean a lot, as you will be drinking a cup of whole cream vs. a quart of skim milk in the alternative college class.