Ron Julian

Ron Julian

  • M.A., Religion; Reformed Theological Seminary, 2006
  • B.A., Linguistics; University of Oregon, 1991
  • Tutor, Gutenberg College, 1994-present

Gutenberg College tutor Ron Julian met his wife, Robby, soon after he became a Christian in 1971, and they were married in 1978. They have two grown children—a son and a daughter who are both Gutenberg graduates and married Gutenberg graduates—and five grandsons. The Julian family has a long-time interest in the arts, especially film and music, and they would be embarrassed to admit how much time they each spend working at computers.

Ron and Robby are deeply committed to the work done at Gutenberg College; they are grateful that they have had the opportunity to play a part in it for so long. Ron started working at McKenzie Study Center in 1982 and has been a tutor at Gutenberg College since it opened in 1994. Robby is Gutenberg’s publication manager and has edited McKenzie Study Center’s and then Gutenberg’s newsletter since 1993.

Ron earned his B.A. degree in linguistics from the University of Oregon and his M.A. in religion from Reformed Theological Seminary. He is the author of Righteous Sinners (now available as an e-book) and co-author of The Language of God: A Commonsense Approach to Understanding and Applying the Bible.

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