Gutenberg offers students guidance and personalized assistance as they think about their post-graduation plans. The following is a brief description of the resources available to students.

The goal of Gutenberg’s career development program is to help students do the following:

  • Identify skills, personality traits, and interests;
  • Identify vocations that align with the above;
  • Learn best practices for pursuing vocations and education;
  • Develop experience and preparation for selected vocations.

To accomplish this goal, Gutenberg provides students with services in the following broad categories:

  • Vocational testing;
  • Group guidance/counseling sessions;
  • Individual guidance/counseling sessions;
  • Skill development: skills for applying to graduate schools, internships, and employers; resume building; interview coaching; online presence;
  • Access to professional job-placement services;
  • Internship opportunities with course credit.

Liberal Arts: Education for All Walks of Life

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