Built on Sand: How Not to Live in a Dark Age

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On April 6, Gil Greco will give the tenth talk in the series “It’s Complicated: The Histories Behind What We Think We Know.”

“We live in the most advanced civilization that has ever existed” is a common refrain. After all, we have iPhones, the Internet, and SpaceX. But deciding what makes a civilization “advanced” depends on where it is going. In this class, we will examine the progress of our civilization, the technologies of other civilizations, and what the artifacts of a civilization say about what it values and how it “ranks.”

Gil Greco graduated from Gutenberg College in 2012 after writing a senior thesis on C. S. Lewis and Joseph Campbell that passed with distinction. He taught high school literature in Missouri for four years and now serves as house manager for Gutenberg College’s Residence Program with his wife, Erin, with whom he parents their three sons.

This class may be attended in person at Gutenberg College or online via Zoom. There is a small charge for remote attendance. Registration is required to attend via Zoom.

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