Is Math Math?

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On February 9, Gil Greco will give the seventh talk in the series “It’s Complicated: The Histories Behind What We Think We Know?”

It’s not uncommon to hear someone say that they are not a “math person.” Granted, mathematics as a field is difficult and rightfully aims for rigorous accuracy in developing its definitions and conclusions. But what if much of mathematics has been obscured by assumptions and teaching methods of recent history? What if, as a culture, we’re not clear on what we’re doing when we teach mathematics? This talk aims to give some context for where mathematics is today and looks at how a little context, both historical and philosophical, could make math less intimidating to people who are not “math people.”

Gil Greco graduated from Gutenberg College in 2012 after writing his senior thesis on C. S. Lewis and Joseph Campbell. He taught high school literature in Missouri for four years and now serves as house manager for Gutenberg College’s Residence Program with his wife, Erin, with whom he parents their three sons.

This class may be attended in person at Gutenberg College or online via Zoom.

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