Tyranny in a Technological Society

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On May 26, Charley Dewberry will give the tenth talk in the series “The Gutenberg Dialogues: Tyranny in a Thechnological Age.”

Tyranny (cruel and oppressive government or rule) comes in many forms in a technological society–e.g., social, political, economic, religious, and emotional. In this talk, Charley Dewberry will examine democracy/republic in the context of a technological society. Does technology favor the maintenance of a democracy/republic or does it favor the development of a tyranny? He will compare and contrast the development of the Gutenberg Press (1450) with modern social media. This talk will be based loosely on Yuval Noah Harari’s book 21 Lessons for the 21st Century and his essay “Why Technology Favors Tyranny,” which appeared in The Atlantic.

Charley Dewberry is a tutor and the dean at Gutenberg College, a practicing scientist and stream ecologist, and the author of Saving Science: A Critique of Science and Its Role in Salmon Recovery (2004) and Intelligent Discourse: Exposing the Fallacious Standoff Between Evolution and Intelligent Design (2006). He has a M.A. in fisheries and wildlife and a Ph.D. in philosophy with an emphasis on philosophy of science.


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