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On November 17, Chris Alderman will give the fourth talk in the series “It’s Complicated: The Histories Behind What We Think We Know.”

A “critical” theory has as its goal what philosopher Max Horkheimer called “man’s emancipation from slavery.” This seems like a goal that anyone could get behind—that everyone should get behind, some would say. So why is it so controversial? Are some people just blinded by ideology? What is an ideology, anyway? This class will examine the premises, history, and one of the current manifestations of the radical problem-solving method that has everyone talking.

Chris Alderman is a tutor at Gutenberg College, where he teaches Greek and German. Chris has self-published two collections of poetry, Poems in Verse and Ephemerides

This class may be attended in person at Gutenberg College or online via Zoom. There is no charge for in-person attendance. There is a small charge for remote attendance. Registration is required to attend via Zoom.

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