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Spring Community Classes  classes are free and meet at Gutenberg College from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. These classes are recorded and available for later viewing by signing up through Gutenberg’s Patreon page.

This quarter’s topic: “Christianity and the Great Books.”

In the third quarter of our series on Intersections, we will focus on Christianity and the “Great Books.” The ideas and attitudes that permeate our lives did not form in a vacuum. They are instead the result of thousands of years of conversation among philosophers, theologians, artists, economists, scientists, and others. To understand ourselves, it is well worth the effort to understand where we came from. To that end, speakers this quarter will talk about “Great Books” authors who have influenced our world and how we as Christians can think about what they accomplished. We invite you to join us.

Chris AldermanJune 5: “Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem and the Existence of God”
Kurt Gödel is widely regarded as the most significant logician of the 20th century. His startling 1931 proof of the “Incompleteness Theorem” struck down the hopes of mathematicians such as Russell and Frege to find an indisputable foundation for all of mathematics. Seen by most as a pessimistic result for rationality and logic, Gödel himself was highly optimistic. He believed that rationality was capable of discovering many more results, not only in mathematics but in philosophy and religion as well. In this talk, Chris will provide a cursory review of historical perspectives on rationality and proof by examining the ontological proof for the existence of God, to which, surprisingly, Gödel contributed.

Chris Swanson is the president of Gutenberg College where he has been a tutor since the college opened its doors in 1994. He has a B.S. in physics and math and both an M.S. and Ph.D. in physics. He has also done post-doctoral research at the University of Oregon and taught at Westmont College in California.

Spring Schedule

APR 3 Jack Crabtree “Some Insights in the History of Philosophy and the Biblical Worldview”
APR 10 Gil Greco Thomas Reid: Reality as Authority”
APR 17 Ron Julian Soren Kierkegaard: Infinite Passion”
APR 24 Charley Dewberry Schumacher: Economics as if People Mattered”
MAY 1 Eliot Grasso Augustine: Trust, Knowledge, and Belief”
MAY 8 Colin Stetter Solzhenitsyn and Truth in Narrative: A Struggle Against Socialist Realism”
MAY 15 Terry Glaspey “The Spiritual Journey of Vincent van Gogh
MAY 22 Nancy Scott “Observations on the Human Condition in the writings of Viktor Frankl
MAY 29 Chris Alderman Friedrich Nietzsche and the Hermeneutics of Suspicion”
JUN 5 Chris Swanson Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem and the Existence of God”


At Gutenberg, we hold two simultaneous convictions about truth seeking. First, freedom of inquiry is critical, and second, an authentic pursuit will lead toward God and Truth. In keeping with these convictions, community classes are intended to be a forum for exploration. They may or may not represent the beliefs and positions of Gutenberg College but are designed to explore topics of significance for our lives.

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