Student Events & Activities

Several traditional events take place each year at Gutenberg College. These include the Freshman Welcome Tea, the Junior Qualifying Tea, the President’s Dinner, the Student Art Show and Performance, the Senior Baccalaureate Dinner, and Graduation. Students also participate in other, more informal, activities that vary from year to year. In the past, some of these events have included an a capella gospel choir, co-ed recreational-league indoor soccer, and holiday parties. See the Student Handbook for a more complete description of student events and extracurricular activities.

Residence Program

Gutenberg College is unique and so is its student housing. A Gutenberg student who chooses to live on campus becomes part of a community—living, studying, and sharing meals with fellow students. Young adults who are interested in participating in Gutenberg community activities are also welcome to apply to our Residence Program.

Living In Eugene, OR

Eugene is located in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley, providing residents access to some of the best cultural and natural experiences the state has to offer.

Spiritual Life

Gutenberg College seeks to provide a supportive environment where students can decide about worship and Bible study for themselves. While Gutenberg College’s program does not require participation in particular worship or communal activities, numerous resources are available to help students build a solid foundation for their faith and belief.

The Arts

Art is alive and well at Gutenberg College. Gutenberg acknowledges the God-given, creative capacity of humans to make art, and the college has cultivated a lively “arts conversation” among its students, including an ongoing dialogue about contemporary and popular art, music, and cinema. In addition, Eugene itself possesses a wealth of museums, music halls and theaters to engage the minds of interested audiences.

Career and Calling

Gutenberg College exists to help students become excellent human beings. This goal stands in opposition to our culture’s deeply ingrained view that higher education’s main function is to further a student’s career goals. Fortunately, one of the best educations for developing excellent human beings—a liberal arts education—is also one of the best educations for a career.

Learn More

Further information about student and resident life is available. If you would like to learn more, please review our Resident Handbook and the Student Handbook. You may also contact the office to speak to the Resident Managers or Academic Dean.