Estimated Annual Costs for the B.A. in Liberal Arts Degree Program

Estimated Costs Per Year of Four-Year Degree Program
Tuition $14,500
Room and Board $5,500
Personal Expenses $500
Transportation $500
Total before Books and Fees $21,000
Books and Fees
Year 1 $650
Year 2 $650
Year 3 $500
Year 4 $450
Total after Books and Fees
Year 1 $21,650
Year 2 $21,650
Year 3 $21,500
Year 4 $21,450

*No tuition adjustments will be made for waived requirements.

The costs above are estimates only. Fees are subject to change without notice. The allowance for personal expenses varies with the habits of individuals. Transportation varies with the distance between the student’s home and the college. Room and board vary with the arrangements made by the student.

Gutenberg does not want to burden its graduates with heavy student-debt. Make sure to see our financial aid options in the Financial Aid section.

Cost per Class for Part-Time Attendance/Auditing

(Also see Part-Time Attendance and Auditing.)

Tuition for non-matriculated (non-degree) students is charged by the credit-hour. (For credit-hours assigned to each class, see Course Requirements.) Gutenberg College allows a limited number of students who are not enrolled as full-time students to audit or to attend for credit individual courses. Tuition for audited (no credit) classes is $250 per credit-hour. Tuition for classes taken for credit is $400 per credit-hour. For example, the tuition for one quarter of the six-credit-hour Western Civilization class would be $1,500 if audited and $2,400 if taken for credit. Tuition is due the first day of class. (See the Tuition & Fee Payment below.)

Tuition does not include the cost of books. Because all students must use the same book edition in discussion, books must be purchased through Gutenberg College’s bookstore. Auditors/for-credit attendees should contact the Gutenberg office for a list of required books and estimated costs.

Financial aid may be available from Gutenberg College. (See Financial Aid for information.) Financial aid applications will only be considered after a student is accepted into a class.


Fees are subject to change without notice. They are assessed as follows:

Books-and-Fees Charge

The books-and-fees charge covers the cost of books and includes a fee to help underwrite basic student services.

At Gutenberg, students use few traditional textbooks (foreign language study and some background reading may require them); rather, their “textbooks” are the books that have shaped Western civilization. Students are encouraged to study these books thoroughly and to make notes in them. Experience has proven that students are best able to study and discuss from their own copy of a new book with pagination that matches their classmates’ books. Thus, Gutenberg requires that each student own his own new copy of each book and that this copy be identical to his classmates’ books.

Gutenberg College packages a set of all required books for each student, and the books-and-fees charge pays for this package. Since the books are not sold individually but as a package, adjustments will not be made.

Matriculation Fee

When a student’s application for admission is accepted, the student is asked to sign a “letter of intent” and to pay a $450 non-refundable matriculation fee. One-hundred percent of this fee will be credited toward the fall books-and-fees charge due on the first day of classes.

Library Card Fee-Credit

All Gutenberg students are required to have a University of Oregon (UO) library card. As an incentive to get this card, students who show proof at the Gutenberg office of having obtained the library card will be credited $30 toward their winter books-and-fees charge. (The Student Handbook has instructions on how to obtain a UO library card.) This offer is only valid if students submit their proof before the end of the fall quarter. The UO library card must be renewed each year, and Gutenberg students are eligible to receive the $30 credit each year.

Tuition-and-Fee Payment

Each quarter’s tuition and fees are due the first day of the quarter. There is a four-day grace period for payment. Payments will be considered late on the fifth day after the due date. Students must sign any loan agreements by the fifth business day of the quarter. In the event that a student will not be able to pay tuition by the end of the grace period, the student must petition for an alternative arrangement and have that arrangement approved prior to the end of the fifth business day of the quarter. Payment for fees is not eligible for an alternative payment arrangement. Students will not receive the quarter’s books until their books-and-fees charge is paid, and therefore they should pay it as early as possible.

Students who have not paid tuition or made other satisfactory arrangements by the fifth day of the quarter will be charged a $5-per-day late fee until the Monday of the fourth week of classes, whereupon the student will be involuntarily withdrawn from all courses for which tuition has not been paid. Students may not be reinstated until tuition and fees due up to the date of withdrawal are paid.

Refund Policy

Gutenberg College’s refund policy applies to both voluntary withdrawal and involuntary withdrawal. No refunds will be made for any fees, including the $450 matriculation fee. Tuition will be refunded according to the schedule listed below, with the exception of withdrawal for substantial medical reasons. Tuition refunds for substantial medical reasons will be prorated by the day to the date of notice of withdrawal.

If a withdrawing student owes money to the college, or if the student has been advanced money on loan or grant programs, then any tuition refund will be reduced by the amount owed or advanced.

Tuition Refund Schedule

  • Before the week of Freshman Orientation: 100%
  • Before the end of the first week of the quarter: 91%
  • Before the end of the second week of the quarter: 82%
  • Before the end of the third week of the quarter: 73%
  • Before the end of the fourth week of the quarter: 64%
  • Before the end of the fifth week of the quarter: 55%
  • Before the end of the sixth week of the quarter: 45%
  • After the end of the sixth week of the quarter: no refund