What does it mean to be human?have faith?be noble?do good?be just?live in a community?have certainty?be a scientist?be in dialogue?be wise?pursue truth?

What does it mean to: Be human? Have wisdom? Live in a community? Do good?

Find out for yourself by reading the Great Books of the Western tradition.

Celebrating 30 Years

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Gutenberg is different. We aim at different goals. We read different books. We converse rather than lecture. Our tuition is humane. We are dedicated to finding truth. Students who come to Gutenberg College do so because they want something more, something real, something … different.

Join other seekers of truth. Dive headlong into a world of bold and open dialogue. Discover the ideas that shaped our culture. Explore the Gutenberg difference.

The Gutenberg College approach to education is unique. Let us share with you about our philosophy of education, institutional history, faculty, and more.

At Gutenberg, you’ll find few textbooks and no lecture halls. Students read primary sources, and classes are discussion-based.

Gutenberg College is a tight-knit community where life and education are intertwined and where lifelong friendships are formed around the pursuit of truth.

Not the Typical College Experience

We’re small, and that’s how we like it. The University of Oregon is just a block away, allowing students access to a comprehensive library and other resources. But when it comes to classes, Gutenberg students get more one-on-one time with teachers, develop closer bonds with their classmates, and experience a tight-knit community. At Gutenberg, you’re not merely a student ID number. You’re a person and fellow truth seeker.

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