Gutenberg College exists to serve students and the community. If you would like to help us serve, below are some tangible ways that you can volunteer to help. Additionally Gutenberg has a number of specific volunteer positions in a range of areas. 


Many students who would jump at the opportunity to attend Gutenberg College, but they simply don’t know about us yet. Volunteering to get the word out would be a great service to those students. You can host a gathering among friends, contact your local homeschool co-op, or gauge the interest of a high school teacher you know. Gutenberg can support you by providing brochures and materials, making visits, and following up on contacts. Let us know.


Everywhere we go, we get a common response: Gutenberg sounds wonderful, tell me more. Maybe you have friends and acquaintances who would have the same response. If so, give us a call, and we can work with you to help us make connections and spread the news.

Social Media

More and more students are communicating through social media. We would like to enhance our social media presence in order to reach those students. If you have skills and interest in helping with social media, let’s talk.

Attend a Work Day

Every quarter, we host a house work day. This is a time when community members and residents gather at Gutenberg to make improvements to its building and grounds. Volunteers receive breakfast and lunch and a chance to visit with residents. If you are the sort of person who enjoys gardening on a sunny day and talking with friends while making spaces look their best, sign up for our email list below to learn when and how you can be apart of house work days.

Special Skills

Do you have special skills in finance, technology, maintenance, construction, public relations, events, or fundraising? If you do and would like to put those skills to use for Gutenberg, contact us and we can talk about our specific needs.

Mentor or Adopt a Student

Gutenberg students are far away from home, often for the first time. Sometimes they just miss a home cooked meal or need a place away from their academic obligations. If you would like to connect with a student to provide a home away from home, let us know.

Come to Dinner

Every weekday evening, residents join together to eat a communal meal. Come join them for a delicious meal and enliven the residence experience. Nominal fee required.

Paint a Room

The residence rooms at Gutenberg are steeped in history each having had a long line of occupants. There are innumerable stories of residents celebrating good times, enduring hardships, and finding a home. You can add to that history by applying a fresh coat of paint. Come on down and we will give you a brush and a can of paint!

Event Support

Gutenberg puts on a number of events each year for students and for the community at large. If you are the sort of person who enjoys making social events, like helping with event coordination or event setup, let us know.