Take the challenge of facing the most important questions of life.

Wrestle with the great minds and great ideas of the past to better understand your place in today’s world. Pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts at Gutenberg College and read the most influential books of Western civilization, a course of study as timely now as ever. In the process, you can hone your skills of sound interpretation, clear thinking, careful listening, coherent written and verbal communication, and respectful engagement with contrasting opinions.

In story after story, the Bible portrays the journey of life as God’s way of educating individuals toward faith and the truth about God. From this, we conclude that the search for truth is not just an engaging pastime but an inquiry of the utmost importance. Gutenberg’s academic program reflects this by thoughtfully raising the most important issues that face mankind and nurturing the intellectual skills critical for seeking truth.

The heart of the curriculum is reading and then discussing in small groups the writings that have been most significant in the formation of Western culture. Taken together, these writings constitute a “Great Conversation.” Studying the original writings of diverse thinkers gives students the opportunity to examine different perspectives on these essential questions. In a sense, students learn at the feet of these great thinkers.

Small group discussions perform a further, equally important task: The focused community inquiry into a great work affords students the chance to develop and hone the intellectual skills of critical reading, sound thinking, careful listening, and clear speaking.

We have also seen that mentored interaction with peers over a four-year period encourages students to cultivate character. Through substantive conversations, both inside and outside of class, students learn the value of moral qualities such as patience, humility, kindness, and respect for others.

Lastly, this unique inquiry into truth cannot help but have an impact on students’ spiritual lives—an impact both rare and profound. Students do not study Christianity as a separate subject in the curriculum; rather, Christianity is woven into the warp and woof of every part of the college. Both faculty and students are eager to talk about the intersection of Christian faith and whatever the topic of study may be. Such discussions encourage students to examine their beliefs, to ask difficult questions, and to wrestle with their faith. The result is a stretching experience that fosters spiritual growth. Our students are challenged to work actively to make their faith their own.

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