Gutenberg College is an educational institution that exists to educate individuals and to foster both an understanding of the biblical worldview and a desire to pursue truth conscientiously. Gutenberg seeks to accomplish this mission through an undergraduate “Great Books” liberal arts program.

At Gutenberg College, education is a means to an end. The goal is mature adults who know how to live well—people who have carefully crafted a sound worldview and have acquired the knowledge and skills to live productive and constructive lives. Toward this end, Gutenberg College’s four-year undergraduate program offers an accredited Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Liberal Arts.

All classes at Gutenberg College are discussion-based rather than lecture-based. Over the course of the four years, students read and discuss works of exceptional intellectual merit and historical significance that have influenced humanity on a broad scale. This integrated curriculum encourages students to examine what they believe and why they believe it.

The Gutenberg faculty (called “tutors”) are Christians who hold that the Bible’s picture of reality is true, but they also grant students the space to reach their own conclusions in their own time. Thus, rather than “professing,” tutors encourage a spirit of open inquiry by asking students challenging questions and listening to what students say.