Gutenberg College students have the courage to question their assumptions, the discipline to follow truth wherever it leads, and the fortitude to show kindness to others in the process.

Students for whom Gutenberg College is a good fit exhibit a willingness to work hard; a disposition to work cooperatively with others in learning; an interest in reading complex works and discussing them; intellectual curiosity; a desire to build a worldview oriented toward goodness; the determination to complete a task; and the inclination to enjoy the mental process of seeking answers to important and difficult questions.

The student must be sufficiently mature to be able to work through serious and personal questions that lead to profound introspection and outward reflection. A willingness to grapple with tough questions and seek truth wherever it leads is the hallmark of a Gutenberg College education.

Educational Preparation

A successful applicant will have completed high school or its equivalent and is likely to have followed a college preparatory course that includes two years of algebra, one year of geometry, two years of a foreign language, three years of English, and three years of science. Additional work in mathematics and language study is beneficial.

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