Gutenberg College students have the courage to question their assumptions, the discipline to follow truth wherever it leads, and the fortitude to show kindness to others in the process.

Students for whom Gutenberg College is a good fit exhibit a willingness to work hard; a disposition to work cooperatively with others in learning; an interest in reading complex works and discussing them; intellectual curiosity; a desire to build a worldview oriented toward goodness; the determination to complete a task; and the inclination to enjoy the mental process of seeking answers to important and difficult questions.

The student must be sufficiently mature to be able to work through serious and personal questions that lead to profound introspection and outward reflection. A willingness to grapple with tough questions and seek truth wherever it leads is the hallmark of a Gutenberg College education.

Educational Preparation

A successful applicant will have completed high school or its equivalent and is likely to have followed a college preparatory course that includes two years of algebra, one year of geometry, two years of a foreign language, three years of English, and three years of science. Additional work in mathematics and language study is beneficial.

When asked “Why do you want to study at Gutenberg?” student applicants said…

“I believe that Gutenberg’s curriculum and teaching style contain the power to make the world a better place, and I want to participate in that in any way, shape, or form possible.”

~ Dane

“I believe in Gutenberg’s promises to help orient me toward the full picture of reality. I want to engage with the great books and engage with others pursuing this kind of education because I have a goal to guide students the way the tutors here are able to. Your focus on critical thinking and historical awareness is the kind of training I need in order to do what I want in my life: think critically about great ideas, be an eclectic learner, and guide future students of my own. After Gutenberg I will have a firmer anchor for my inner world.”

~ Isaiah

“Deep down, I have a desire for more understanding, more of these connections. Similar to how Paul described the Corinthians, I often feed on spiritual and intellectual milk, but I crave more meat. Everything I read about Gutenberg College—both what they say about themselves and what others write about them—points me to this conclusion: Gutenberg is a place for spiritual and intellectual meat. This college gives its students a steak to eat, but it also gives them knives: the tools they need to process it and digest it. Gutenberg teaches its students how to think about and understand today’s issues and questions in light of history, philosophy, and the Bible. By going to Gutenberg, I will take an important step in my quest for understanding. Will it be a hard journey? Certainly. Learning to eat steak instead of milk is very difficult. It is hard to think for yourself. Yet, will the journey be worth the effort? Absolutely. Learning to think deeply and understand clearly is worth what it costs.”

~ James

“Gutenberg’s aim is to serve those who modestly desire the ability to think. In this sense, I perceive the Gutenberg tutors to be those who push students to discover truth for themselves. This identity is thrilling, rare, and completely necessary to pursue a meaningful existence.”

~ Adam

“To me authenticity is the intentional movement of teachers and students towards the mutual goal of intellectual and moral investment in each other. This world is the one I want to participate in. What impressed me was that I felt as though the students at Gutenberg actually had strong bonds with each other. They were uncharacteristically patient with each other.”

~ Jonathan

“This method of discussion and thinking deeply causes one to make reasoned decisions to better the world and be a better human being. The end goal of Gutenberg has intrigued me; namely that it desires to build up whole individuals living in the full potential God intended for them.”

~ Eva

“The purpose of college has always appeared to be a launchpad for a high-paying job. Go to a prestigious school, get good grades, and then enter the workforce. Of course, there’s more to living a fulfilling life, like seeing the world, pursuing hobbies, and developing relationships. I don’t want to come out of school filled with knowledge, ready for a job, but unprepared for life. I am applying to Gutenberg College in hopes of attending a school that will not just prepare me for a career, but for all aspects of life.”

~ Emily

“I first attended Classical Conversations, a homeschool program in the same teaching style and tradition as Gutenberg College, when I was eight years old. In a world so overwhelmed by information, I think it is better to know how to learn, process, and utilize the information than just to learn the information alone, which is such a big part of the classical method, and why it makes me so excited that a place like Gutenberg College even exists.”

~ Abby

“I want to go to a college that does real life and does not try to sugar coat things or teach you that after college life will be easy since you now know everything. I have studied with and been a part of a Classical Conversations community for the last five years and am grateful for all that I have learned. I wish to continue that type of education and believe that Gutenberg will grant me that. The upperclassmen group leading the discussion inspired me to pursue their level of engagement. The way that they would challenge each other with questions and have to defend or clearly articulate their point of view on the specific subject was amazing.”

~ Zoë