This is where you will learn what you will need for your Financial Aid Application for Gutenberg College. See also: Admissions Application | Residence Program Application (living on campus)

You can have an excellent education at a humane cost.

We recognize that some students may not have the resources to pay full tuition. Therefore, Gutenberg College offers financial assistance to qualifying students.

Financial aid is a partnership between Gutenberg College and the student’s family to cover the costs of the student’s education. Gutenberg College assumes that each student and his family have the primary responsibility to pay for the student’s college education and that education is a high priority meriting sacrifice on the part of the student and the family. Part of the student’s responsibility is to investigate financial aid from non-Gutenberg sources. Students are encouraged to apply for academic, merit, service, or need-based scholarships from other institutions. Students can explore the following online sources for advice and information regarding scholarship application and availability: and

For students and families who do not have the financial resources to pay the full tuition, Gutenberg offers three sources of financial aid. The first is a zero-interest Gutenberg loan. Because we are committed to helping our students graduate with as little debt as possible, Gutenberg loans are limited to $3600 per year. Gutenberg provides a second source of aid through grants for qualifying students of Gutenberg partners (see Grants). A third source of aid is the Gutenberg need-based grant which is available when other financial sources are insufficient. Over 90% of students receive financial aid from Gutenberg.

Gutenberg College is not sponsored by any denomination or association. A community of generous donors provide volunteer time, resources, and financial contributions to supplement income from student tuition. Further, to preserve the freedom and identity of our institution, Gutenberg College does not participate in any government-sponsored financial aid or loan programs, for example, the Title IX federal financial aid programs (you can skip the FAFSA). However, students and their families are eligible for generous tax credits of up to $2,500 annually. See a tax adviser for details.

Loans & Need-Based Grants

All financial aid from Gutenberg College is made available from the college’s own resources in the form of loans and grants. Loans and grants received through Gutenberg College are applicable to tuition only.​

Gutenberg Loan (0% interest)

Gutenberg College is committed to graduating students with as little debt as possible. Consequently, the college offers no-interest loans that borrowers are not required to begin repaying until six months after they graduate or leave the school. Under the standard repayment plan, borrowers will begin paying a fixed monthly amount ($150 minimum) for a loan term of up to ten years.

In any month that the borrower is enrolled as a full-time student in any accredited or state-approved vocational or college-level degree-granting program, Gutenberg loan payments will be suspended. Loan payments will resume the month after the borrower is no longer enrolled.

Gutenberg Need-Based Grant

Gutenberg determines the amount of funds it grants a student based on the student’s needs not funded by any other resources.


Mastery of the material covered at Gutenberg College is a full-time activity. We recommend that students work no more than ten hours per week while classes are in session. On-campus employment opportunities are very limited; however, students have been successful in finding employment off-campus.

Oregon Government Scholarships and Grants

For information on Oregon State scholarship opportunities, go to A list of available scholarships is at OSAC Scholarship Catalog.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

To apply for Financial Aid, complete the Financial Aid Application online.

Returning students should complete the Financial Aid Application before March 1. Financial aid notices will be sent on April 1.

New students should complete the Financial Aid Application by the deadlines below that correspond to the early, regular, and late deadlines for submitting an Admissions Application.

Decision Type Deadline Response
Early Decision December 1 December 14
Regular Decision March 1 April 1
Late Decision August 1 August 15

This is where you will learn what you will need for your Financial Aid Application for Gutenberg College. See also: Admissions Application | Residence Program Application (living on campus)