Gutenberg College opened in 1994 as a traditional, brick-and-mortar, four-year undergraduate institution offering an accredited B.A. in Liberal Arts in which students begin as freshmen in small cohorts, read the Great Books of Western civilization, and discuss them in small groups. The ethos of the college was cultivated to align with a Francis Schaeffer L’Abri-style community in which Christians from all walks of life could come together to talk about life’s biggest questions and how to live faithfully within a biblical worldview. In keeping with that mission, Gutenberg College began offering online seminars called “Young Philosophers” in which high schoolers are engaged in thoughtful conversation about meaningful issues. The response time and again was: “Do you have something like this for parents and adults?” In the spirit of opening dialogue among students of all ages, Gutenberg College is pleased to offer the Great Books Symposium, a series of online Socratic-style seminars designed to engage mature learners in deep dialogue about the influential works of Western civilization. The format is simple: read and engage in lively discussion facilitated by a Gutenberg College tutor.