Gutenberg College’s Great Books Symposium is a webinar for K-12 teachers in the private school, the public school, and the homeschool to learn and practice the art of discussion by engaging with the classics. The goal is to help teachers make progress in their thinking, understanding, and discussing abilities so that they can better serve their students and bring them into thoughtful dialogue about the things that matter most.

Scheduled topics include the following:

  • August 5: Beowulf: What does it mean to be a hero?
  • September 9: The Iliad
  • October 14: Julius Caesar: How does the mob impact democracy?
  • November 4: The Hiding Place: Is lying always wrong?
  • December 2: Crito: How to write a Socratic dialog.
  • January 6: Mere Christianity
  • February 3: Henry V