The faculty at Gutenberg College do not equate the primary purpose of education with preparing students to make a good living. Rather, they see the primary purpose of education as preparing students to live a good life. Living a good life requires more than just knowledge or conformity to a societal expectation; it requires wisdom and understanding. A true education provides the tools to sort out that which is wise from that which is not; it gives those who want to make sense of life the learning skills they can apply to all fields of human knowledge.

But how do educators provide their students with a true education? Each year, Gutenberg College brings together its faculty, guest speakers, and educators private and public to discuss this important question at its Education Conference. Use the “Previous Conferences” links below to see past topics and speakers, and sign up for “Conference Update Emails” to receive news of the 2024 Education Conference.

Previous Conferences:

2023 Education Conference: Faith and Learning
Guest speakers: Susan Wise Bauer, Wes Callihan, Jennifer Courtney, and Andrea Lipinski.

2022 Education Conference: Learning for Life
Guest speakers: Amanda Butler, Scott Postma, Andrew Pudewa, Kathryn Smith, and Andrew Zwerneman.

2021 Education Conference: The Art of Learning
Guest speakers: Leigh Bortins, David & Crystal Downing, Nancy Pearcey, Andrew Pudewa, John Seel, Wes Callihan, Diane Gray, Scott Postma, and Jon Robertson