Faculty (Tutors)

Education is a lifelong pursuit. The tutors of Gutenberg College do not view themselves as people who have mastered the arts of life and learning but as more advanced students who can give helpful direction to those who are as yet less skilled. In an environment of freedom and respect, tutors listen and guide rather than tell students what to think. Gutenberg tutors feel fortunate to serve as mentors to the next generation as they themselves continue to learn.

At the same time, the tutors are committed to the biblical worldview. All tutors and members of the board of governors adhere to Gutenberg’s Biblical Foundation Statement. The result is a balance where tutors hold confidently to the Bible’s picture of reality while creating an atmosphere where questions, dialogue, and respect for one’s fellow travelers are encouraged.

Administration and Staff

The staff and administration of Gutenberg College enhance the mission through their service, each contributing according to their unique skills. The small familial nature of the college allows the college to mold the administrative roles to the talents and strengths of the individuals rather than trying to mold the individuals to narrowly defined roles. The resulting collaborative spirit conforms to our philosophical commitment to improve the whole person in service to God.

  • President, Financial Aid Director Chris Swanson
  • Vice President, Admissions Director: Eliot Grasso
  • Academic Dean: Thomas (Charley) Dewberry
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Mark Braisher
  • Compliance Officer: Brian Julian
  • Student Services Director: Naomi Rinehold
  • Administrative Secretary: Trisha Yeager
  • Publications Manager: Robby Julian
  • Residence Managers: Gil and Erin Greco