College decisions are particularly significant. The college years represent a time in life when a person is trying to figure out what they believe and why.

The quality of one’s education depends on how and what a student is encouraged to practice. Thus, all educational decisions are significant in that education plays a role in shaping the way one interacts with the world.

Our desire is to help college-bound students and families think about the issues and questions involved in college selection. In the video below, college counselor Dr. John Seel presents three approaches to college: (1) certification–how” to do a particular skill; (2) credentialing–what” a career demands; (3) wisdom–why” questions of life.

Gutenberg College represents the third approach, of which there are less than a dozen in North America. Gutenberg is a wisdom college.

We hope this video will be helpful as you consider the best path forward in your educational journey.