College decisions are particularly significant. The college years represent a time in life when a person is trying to figure out what they believe and why.

The quality of one’s education depends on how and what a student is encouraged to practice. Thus, all educational decisions are significant in that education plays a role in shaping the way one interacts with the world. Our desire is to help college-bound students and families think about the issues and questions involved in college selection.

A Video with College Counselor Dr. John Seal

In the video below, Dr. Seel presents three types of college: (1) certification–how” to do a particular skill; (2) credentialing–what” a career demands; (3) wisdom–why” questions of life. Gutenberg College represents the third approach, of which there are less than a dozen in North America. Gutenberg is a wisdom college. We hope this video will be helpful as you consider the best path forward in your educational journey.


More Help to Answer the Question, “What Kind of College Should I Go To?”

Consider Some Problems and Trends in Higher Ed

Consider How Problems and Trends Affect Student Outcomes

Consider Possible Solutions to Problems Facing Higher Ed

“Pathways to College,” a Talk by Gutenberg Vice President Dr. Eliot Grasso

Choosing a college should reflect our trust in God’s purposes for our lives. But all too often our trust in God falters in these critical decisions, and our choices align with the world rather than with the Bible. If families aren’t careful, students can lose their freedom by taking on massive college debt and enrolling in programs that overpromise and underdeliver, and parents may give their children over to college faculty who may lack the skills to mentor young minds.

In this talk, Dr. Grasso, who has over a decade of college teaching and administrative experience in America and Europe, will give families the tools and questions they need to think clearly about the college-selection process so that college decisions can be made with confidence and understanding.

“Pathways to College” Worksheet

When it comes to college selection, few realize how the internal workings of an institution work together to create the educational environment for a student. This worksheet explains some of the challenges with those inner workings and offers insights that aim to help with decision making. At the end, there is a worksheet that the college-bound can use to think clearly through their decision-making process for college. We hope that this is beneficial to you as you consider your college options.