Financial Aid

A Gutenberg education is well worth the tuition the college charges. However, we want our classrooms populated with diligent, eager students; and we recognize that many such students do not have the resources to pay the full amount. We therefore strongly encourage every student who is interested in a Gutenberg education to apply for admission to the college. Gutenberg will do its best to make its education affordable for hard-working students who understand the kind of education the college provides and are highly motivated to take advantage of it.

Financial Aid at Gutenberg College is different from what one finds at most colleges and universities:

  • To preserve the freedom and identity of our institution, Gutenberg College does not participate in any government-sponsored financial aid programs. Instead, Gutenberg College offers private financial assistance to worthy students pursuing bachelor’s degrees.
  • Gutenberg is committed to not burdening its graduates with heavy student-debt.
  • Gutenberg views financial aid as a partnership between the college and the student’s family to cover the costs of the student’s education.

► Use the links on the right to locate the information and forms you will need to apply for financial aid. You will also find links to special grants that are available to qualified students.