Recently Gutenberg College was approached by Viewpoint, a public television program that airs mini documentaries about organizations with interesting stories. After passing through an interview process, we were selected as one of their clients!

As part of the project, Viewpoint will create a three-to-five-minute documentary about Gutenberg College and distribute it to Public Television stations in all 50 states, and it will air for one year with unlimited broadcast. The documentary, hosted by Dennis Quaid, will reach an estimated 60 million households in one year!

Further, Viewpoint will also produce one broadcast-quality, five-to-six-minute educational profile with expansive and detailed information documenting the issues and educational message that concern our target audience. This five-to-six-minute documentary will be available for streaming on our website or social media. Viewpoint will then design and generate an email campaign to our narrowcasted audience, sending up to 1,000,000 video emails from the Viewpoint email database.

Lastly, Viewpoint will produce a high-end, thirty-second educational commercial and distribute it to networks (not including the major networks) where it will be broadcast one hundred times during prime time at stations and during programs of our choice.

We are impressed by Viewpoint’s video quality, and Gutenberg will have complete control over the content and message of all the videos. There is a cost for underwriting the project, but we feel that the investment is well worth the price. We will receive three high quality videos and exposure well beyond our current capabilities. We are truly blessed by this opportunity.