Gutenberg juniors and seniors have been reading about checks and balances in the Constitution and The Federalist Papers. Instead of their normal discussion, however, they played a fun game in which they vied with each other for tyrannical power. They split into four groups representing the three branches of government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial) and the People. Each group was given the goal of taking total control of the government by fair means or foul, while the other groups attempted to thwart them and gain their own control. Congress could make laws, while the President could veto and make executive orders, and the Supreme Court could render judgment on laws. The People were periodically given a chance to elect new representatives from their number. The students went through a number of back-and-forth rounds, digging into the Constitution for clues on how to get ahead. The exchanges were lively and spirited, students learned a great deal, and everyone had a good time.

GC Discussion: Federalist Papers-2
GC Discussion: Federalist Papers-3