Classical Education for the Modern World

Education at Gutenberg College hearkens back to an earlier and more universal understanding of the purpose of learning—namely, that education is preparation to live a good life. Living a good life requires more than just knowledge or conformity to a societal expectation; it requires wisdom and understanding. A true education provides the tools to sort out that which is wise from that which is not; it gives those who want to make sense of life the learning skills they can apply to all fields of human knowledge. Gutenberg College Prep offers classes for high school students who seek engaging and interactive college-prep-level instruction in a classical education model that cultivates skills of sound interpretation, clear thinking, careful listening, coherent written and verbal communication, and respectful engagement with contrasting opinions.


Classical Greek (GRK 101, 102, 103) equips students to read Plato, Aristotle, Sophocles, Thucydides, and the New Testament in the original languages. Students will learn the grammar and vocabulary necessary for reading original, classical Greek texts and will use the study of classical Greek as a lens through which to consider the functions of language in general.

Humanities (HUM 101, 102, 103) is a survey course that examines the history, culture, and classic literature of the ancient Near East, Europe, and China. Students will read and discuss original works of philosophy, art, mathematics, literature, and political science by a wide variety of authors whose ideas have exercised significant influence in human history.

Class Meeting Times and Academic Calendar

The Gutenberg College Prep course schedule is based on a 10-week quarter system (plus one exam week) that mirrors the academic calendar of Gutenberg College (Fall, Winter, Spring). All classes meet in person on the campus of Gutenberg College (1883 University Street in Eugene).

Term Start–End
Fall 2019 September 30–December 13
Winter 2020 January 6–March 20
Spring 2020 April 30–June 12
Class Meeting Days/Times Days Time
Classical Greek M/W/F 7:30-8:30 a.m.
Humanities M/W/F 8:30-9:30 a.m.

Tuition & Fees

Registration Deadline Fee
Early July 15 $40
Regular August 15 $60
Course Tuition
Classical Greek (GRK 101, 102, 103) $450
Humanities (HUM 101, 102, 103) $450
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