Technology in Marvel’s Wakanda Forever

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Behind a technological smokescreen hides the nation of Wakanda, earth’s most powerful civilization. Wakanda’s innovations put them leagues ahead of other nations and grants them the power to aid those in need. Yet, the Wakandans are reluctant to help. We might ask why? Is this reluctance just selfishness and fear, or are there hidden costs in disseminating new technology? In this session of Young Philosophers, we will investigate this question along with others such as: What exactly is technology? Does it have an ultimate purpose? Does technology hold an inherent ethical dimension, or is the goodness or badness of technology merely relative to the one who wields it?
Young Philosophers is an online discussion for high-school-aged students. Join us for “Technology in Marvel’s Wakanda Forever” on Thursday, June 29, from 4-6 p.m. Pacific time. The discussion will be led by Gutenberg tutor Eliot Grasso. Participants should watch the movie before class.

Attendee Requirements: High-school age
Maximum Attendees: 12

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Eliot Grasso

Eliot Grasso is the vice president and a tutor at Gutenberg College where he teaches art seminars and leads discussions in Western Civilization and the Great Conversation. Eliot holds a B.A. in music from Goucher College (2005), an M.A. in ethnomusicology from the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at the University of Limerick (2007), and a Ph.D. in musicology from the University of Oregon School of Music and Dance (2011). He has performed, recorded, taught, and lectured on Irish traditional music internationally.

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