2023 Summer Institute: God Is Alive

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Over a century ago, Friedrich Nietzsche famously declared that God is dead. He observed that Western culture no longer accepted the idea of God, and he noted that its values and practices would eventually reflect this. We now live in a world that conforms in many ways to his prediction.

But as Christians we know—even if the culture doesn’t reflect it—that God is very much alive. What difference, then, should this make in the way we think and act? At Gutenberg’s 2023 Summer Institute, we will examine several aspects of our world and our lives—science, ethics, psychology, community—and we will consider the ways a belief in God should impact our thinking about them. Why are some differences we see between Christians and non-Christians so pronounced? In what ways might we be absorbing views that implicitly reject God? How can we be encouraged by recognizing God’s relevance to every area of our lives? Join us July 20-22 for book discussions, talks from Gutenberg tutors, good food, and great conversations.

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