Young Philosophers:
Why Be Virtuous?
December 2

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“Life has never been normal,” wrote C. S. Lewis in an address to students at the outset of World War II. If we are waiting for a better time to pursue truth, goodness, and beauty, we may never get started. In the Young Philosophers series, Gutenberg College opens its (virtual) doors to high-school-age participants for thoughtful online discussion of important ideas.

It might seem obvious that I should be courageous, self-controlled, and generous—that I should be virtuous. But if I change myself to be these things, does it mean I stop authentically being me? And in shaping myself to be virtuous, am I just conforming to a mold handed me by society? In this session of Young Philosophers, we will consider questions such as these by examining Aristotle’s answer to the fundamental question “What is virtue?”

Attendee Requirements: High-school age
Maximum Attendees: 12


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Charley Dewberry

Leading this session of Young Philosophers will be Dr. Brian Julian. Brian is a tutor at Gutenberg College. He joined the faculty in 2021 after having taught philosophy and writing for several years at colleges in the Boston area. He holds a B.A. in liberal arts from Gutenberg College and a Ph.D. in philosophy from Boston University. He specializes in the history of philosophy and has published research on Aristotle. He writes (and cartoons) for Thinking in the Light, a website where he aims to make philosophical ideas accessible to a general audience.