Past Events

Young Philosophers: Ethics in Marvel’s Infinity Wars

In Avengers: Infinity War, the fate of half the universe is at stake. Thanos is intent on making the world better by eliminating fifty percent of all living things. By contrast, Captain America will not achieve his goal by sacrificing even one. This contrast raises many questions. Is there some merit to what Thanos is [...]

Free Will in Marvel’s Loki

Loki, the god of Mischief, has been detained by the Time Variance Association who employ him to catch a variant of himself to protect the sacred timeline and preserve the multiverse. Loki begrudgingly complies, all the while maintaining that he is destined to be King while also being completely free to choose his own [...]


Spring Preview Days

Gutenberg College is a place for students who want to think deeply, learn in community, and grow in faith and character. At Preview Days, Gutenberg opens its doors to high school students and transfer students who are considering Gutenberg’s bachelor’s degree program in liberal arts. Please join us for Spring Preview Days.Learn More about Preview [...]


Love in Pop Music

Pop music is inescapable. We hear it in movies, in commercials, when shopping in stores, when we turn it on ourselves to enjoy it. And amidst the catchy melodies and insistent beats, quite often the lyrics sing about love. New love. Tragic love. Deep love. Unrequited love. Love that is so, so incredibly over. Frequently [...]


2023 Commencement Ceremony

Central Lutheran Church 1857 Potter Street, Eugene, OR, United States

"Without knowledge of what I am and why I am here, it is impossible to live." Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina Gutenberg College cordially invites you to the Commencement Ceremony for the class of 2023. The ceremony will take place at Central Lutheran Church (1857 Potter Street in Eugene) at 7:00 p.m., Friday June [...]

Technology in Marvel’s Wakanda Forever

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Behind a technological smokescreen hides the nation of Wakanda, earth's most powerful civilization. Wakanda's innovations put them leagues ahead of other nations and grants them the power to aid those in need. Yet, the Wakandans are reluctant to help. We might ask why? Is this reluctance just selfishness and fear, or are there hidden costs [...]


2023 Summer Institute: God Is Alive

Gutenberg College 1883 University Street, Eugene, OR, United States

Over a century ago, Friedrich Nietzsche famously declared that God is dead. He observed that Western culture no longer accepted the idea of God, and he noted that its values and practices would eventually reflect this. We now live in a world that conforms in many ways to his prediction. But as Christians we know—even [...]

2023 Education Conference: Faith and Learning

University Fellowship Church 1855 Cal Young Road, Eugene, United States

In the last few centuries, the intellectual world has slowly but steadily abandoned Christianity, offering alternate secular perspectives to life’s most important questions. As a result, Christian educators have become suspicious of “academia” and often seek to protect children from secular learning. In this conference, we will explore the dual goals of pursuing learning and [...]

Religion in The Mandalorian

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Religion plays a major role in the storylines of The Mandalorian. Din Djarin adheres to the way of the Mandalorians even when this is difficult. Grogu is forced to choose between the religions of the Jedi and the Mandalorians. Bo Katan ridicules the religiously observant Children of the Watch, who never let their faces [...]