Summer Institute is an enjoyable and informative time to experience Gutenberg by sharing meals, discussing the works of influential thinkers, and listening to speakers from the Gutenberg community. See past topics under “Previous Conferences” below, and sign up for “Conference Update Emails” to receive news of the 2023 Summer Institute. We hope you can join us!

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Previous Summer Institute Topics:

2022: Stories of Conversion
2021: The Meaning of the City: Rebellion and Redemption
2020: Struggle & Hope
2019: Tribes and Truth: What Happened to Civil Discourse?
2018: Are We All Reading the Same Bible?
2017: Meaning and Flourishing in a Secular Age (audio)
2016: How to Build a Bridge
2015: Reunion: Tanakh and the Gospel of Matthew (audio)
2014: What We Have Learned (audio)
2013: How To Follow Jesus When You Cannot Kill the Beast (audio)
2012: What the BLEEP Can We Know? (audio) and The Problem of Evil (audio)
2010: Democracy: A User’s Manual (audio)
2009: Paychecks, Politics & Paradigms (audio)
2007: Søren Kierkegaard (audio)
2006: Faith & Science (audio)
2005: Disenculturating the Gospel (audio)
2004: Making Sense of the Bible (audio)
2003: Postmodernism, Reason, and the Church (audio)
2002: Christianity & Culture