Gutenberg College allows a limited number of students who are not enrolled as full-time students to audit or attend for credit individual courses. Students taking the courses for credit will receive a grade and feedback from the tutor; students who audit will not. All students are admitted at the discretion of the tutor teaching the course.

Students wishing to audit/attend a course for credit at Gutenberg College should submit an Application to Audit/Attend for Credit 30 days prior to the beginning of the quarter. The registrar will notify the applicant as soon as possible about whether the application has been accepted.

Full-time attendance for degree students is customary. Under certain conditions, however, degree-bound students are allowed to proceed on a part-time basis. Such students must petition the dean for permission and special arrangements.

Limitations for Non-Degree Students

Great Conversation

Great Conversation may not be taken for credit unless a student has taken all six quarters of Western Civilization and has passed the courses with a 2.3 GPA or higher. Auditing Great Conversation is allowed without this requirement.

Senior Thesis Classes

Non-degree (non-matriculated) students may not audit or take for credit the Senior Thesis classes.

Application Toward Degree

Not all courses taken by non-matriculated students may be applied toward a degree at Gutenberg College. The following provisions apply when a non-matriculated student takes individual courses for credit and is later accepted into the degree program:

  • All freshman and sophomore Greek, mathematics, art, science, and microexegesis credits taken and passed at Gutenberg will be fully accepted toward Gutenberg’s B.A. in Liberal Arts.
  • A maximum of 18 Western Civilization credits (3 quarters) taken and passed at Gutenberg will be accepted toward a Gutenberg B.A.
  • Credits for German course(s) taken and passed at Gutenberg will count toward a Gutenberg B.A.
  • No other credits for junior- or senior-year courses (300- and 400-level courses)—including Great Conversation—will count toward a Gutenberg B.A.

Tuition & Books

Tuition for non-matriculated (non-degree) students is charged by the credit-hour. Tuition for audited (no credit) classes is $250 per credit-hour. Tuition for classes taken for credit is $400 per credit-hour. For example, the tuition for one quarter of the six-credit-hour Western Civilization class would be $1,500 if audited and $2,100 if taken for credit. Tuition is due the first day of class.

Tuition does not include the cost of books. Because all students must use the same book edition in discussion, books must be purchased through Gutenberg College’s bookstore. Auditors/for-credit attendees should contact the Gutenberg office for a list of required books and estimated costs. (See Tuition & Fees for more information.)

Financial aid may be available from Gutenberg College. (See Financial Aid for information.) Financial aid applications will only be considered after a student is accepted into a class.