Writing plays a significant role in the Gutenberg curriculum. Besides being a very practical skill, writing is essential to the development of clear thinking. Therefore, writing assignments intended to foster skillful communication and clarity of thought are integrated throughout the curriculum.

In their freshman, sophomore, and junior years, students receive a separate grade for writing. To help them become better writers, a writing tutor provides feedback on the assigned papers during class or through individual tutorials.

Freshman Writing (WRT 101-103)

Freshmen focus on the elementary principles of academic writing, such as structure and clarity, through a combination of tutorials and short papers. Paper topics will draw from the readings in the Western Civilization course.

Sophomore Writing (WRT 201-203)

Having mastered the elementary principles of academic writing, sophomores shift their focus to more advanced topics such as research, comparison, and style. Written assignments include a number of short papers on topics of students’ choice and/or topics taken from their reading in the Western Civilization course.

Junior Writing (WRT 301-303)

In preparation for their final writing project—the senior thesis—juniors will write a three-part essay similar in structure and style to their senior thesis. This class will help them plan, organize, and execute this junior thesis paper.