For many families, homeschooling represents a decision to educate in a way that is both outside-the-box and grounded in what really matters. Several of Gutenberg’s founders and current faculty have homeschooled their children and recognize the benefits of this approach.

We have found that many students who come to Gutenberg with homeschool backgrounds thrive and excel in our program. We welcome homeschooled students as warmly as those who come to us from campus-based schools.

Regardless of background, all applicants are held to the same high standards of academic readiness. There are, however, a few slight differences in the application process for homeschooled students. Those with questions are welcome to contact Admissions.

One’s course of homeschool study must be documented in a transcript, which should include the following items:

  • Course title (for example, “Algebra I” or “Biology”)
  • Year course taken (for example, “2016-2017” or “Senior Year”)
  • Grade received (A–F)
  • Credits received (a typical half-year course is 5 credits, and a one-year course is 10 credits.)
  • Date of graduation (or expected date of graduation)
  • Signature of principal (either the parent or a homeschool-program administrator)

Homeschooled students who aspire to take on a Gutenberg education will be well served by studying history, philosophy, literature, foreign language, writing, science, mathematics, and art.

Homeschooled students without a traditional high school diploma or a GED certificate will be required to achieve one the following test scores to be eligible for admission:

  • SAT: 530 or better on the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section or a combined score of 980 or better on the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section and the Math section
  • ACT: 19
  • CLT: 58

Test scores should be sent directly from the testing organization to Gutenberg College.

Gutenberg College SAT code: 2605
Gutenberg College ACT code: 5024

Learn more about these tests or how to register for one at:

* Applicants to Gutenberg College who have successfully completed 20 semester hours or 30 quarter hours of college credits with a minimum GPA of 2.0 by the date of enrollment may be exempt from submitting SAT/ACT/CLT test scores.