Just Powers: Locke on Legitimate Government

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On February 10, Gil Greco will give the third talk in the series “The Gutenberg Dialogues: An In-depth Look at Tyranny.”

John Locke wrote his Two Treatises on Government to defend the Glorious Revolution of 1688. While his first treatise argues against the “Divine Right of Kings,” his second treatise argues that legitimate government must meet two conditions: first, it must be created by consent of the governed, and second, it must not violate the moral claims human beings have on one another. Join Gil Greco to discuss Locke’s arguments, Jefferson’s indebtedness to Locke, and the implications this view of legitimate government might have for us today.

Gil Greco graduated from Gutenberg in 2012 after writing his senior thesis on C. S. Lewis and Joseph Campbell. He taught high school literature in Missouri for four years and now serves as house manager for Gutenberg College’s Residence Program with his wife, Erin, with whom he parents their three sons.


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