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Late application deadline is August 1.

If you see yourself as someone who is intellectually curious, willing to work hard to understand complex works, excited about the liberal arts, interested in collaborative learning through discussion, and desirous to build a worldview oriented toward goodness, then Gutenberg College is an ideal choice. Apply to attend Gutenberg College in Fall 2024. The [...]

Great Books Symposium
Beowulf: What does it mean to be a hero?

Online Zoom OR

In Medieval Scandinavia, where monsters and dragons roamed the wilds, we find the great Beowulf. Through acts of cunning, bravery, and brute strength, Beowulf responds to many difficult circumstances. What is it that makes a hero? Is it what one accomplishes? What one becomes? What one intends? In this webinar, we will raise this [...]


2024 Education Conference: The Independent Mind

Young children are sponges. They absorb everything: language, ideas, and customs. As they mature, they continue to absorb, but they also gain the capacity to judge new information. They are becoming independent. Maturity and independence do not come easily or quickly, however; they are the products of a lifelong search for truth in humility before [...]

2024 Fall Preview Days—October 18 & 19

Gutenberg College is a place for students who want to think deeply, learn in community, and grow in faith and character. At Preview Days, Gutenberg opens its doors to high school students and transfer students who are considering Gutenberg’s bachelor’s degree program in liberal arts. Please join us for Fall Preview Days. Learn More [...]