Newsletter Back Issues

Gutenberg College began publishing Colloquy quarterly in Fall 2018. Back issues of Colloquy are below.

Gutenberg discontinued publishing its monthly newsletter, News & Views, in July 2018. Articles from News & Views are available in the Articles section.

Colloquy Back Issues

  • Colloquy, Fall 2021
    Article: “The Obvious Problem with Knowledge” by Brian Julian
    Article: “The Law of Suffering: Looking into the Face of God” by John Hemmerich, Class of 2005
  • Colloquy, Summer 2021
    Article: “Reading into Poetry” by Chris Alderman
    Alumni Spotlight: Elizabeth Steeb, Class of 2009
  • Colloquy, Spring 2021
    Articles: “His Testamony is True” by Ron Julian; “A Tribute to Ron Julian” by Charley Dewberry; Additional tributes to Ron Julian by Robby Julian, Eliot Grasso, Damian Arlyn, Jacob and Elizabeth Swanson
  • Colloquy, Fall 2020
    Articles: “How to Stay Awake” by Ron Julian; “Personal Education” by Chris Swanson; “Redemptive Suffering” by Ron Julian
  • Colloquy, Summer 2020
    Articles: “Flammable Objects” by Brian Julian; “Virus, Futility, and Faith” by R. Wesley Hurd; “Exhortation to the Class of 2020” by Ron Julian
  • Colloquy, Spring 2020
    Articles: “Scientific Observation and Biblical Interpretation Are Not as Different as We Thought” by Charley Dewberry; “Is College Worth It?” by Chris Swanson
    Alumni Spotlight: Victoria Titus, Class of 2008″
  • Colloquy, Winter 2020
    Articles: “The Problem of Love” by Chris Alderman; “The Specter of Artificial Intelligence” by Chris Swanson; “Thank You, Wes!” by Paul Pindell
  • Colloquy, Fall 2019
    Articles: “Trust, Belief, and Knowledge” by Eliot Grasso; “Parable of the Householder’s Treasure” by Ron Julian
    Alumni Spotlight: James Simas, Class of 2008
  • Colloquy, Summer 2019
    Articles: “Becoming a Subject” by Ron Julian; “Graduation Address” by Emily Dunnan, Class of 2019; “Education for Society” by Chris Swanson
    Alumni Spotlight: “How Gutenberg Has Helped Me in Business” by Natalie Shield, Class of 2011
  • Colloquy, Spring 2019
    Articles: “Was Solomon Truly Wise?” by Charley Dewberry; “The Business of Education” by Chris Swanson
    Great-Book Review: Friedrich Nietzsche’s On the Genealogy of Morals by Chris Alderman
    Alumni Spotlight: Sam Hobbs, Class of 2009
  • Colloquy, Winter 2019
    Articles: “Coming to Grips with Weird Physics” by Chris Swanson; “Celebrating Our Juniors” by Eliot Grasso; “The Value of Latent Christian Literature” by Christopher Stollar
    Great-Book Review: Augustine’s Confessions by Eliot Grasso
  • Colloquy, Fall 2018
    Articles: “A Meaningful Life” by Ron Julian; “How to Read a Book (of the Bible)” by Chris Swanson
    Poetry: “The Wind Without” by Chris Alderman